Winner of “Exportpreis Bayern 2018” – Category “Industry”

Weatherdock is the proud winner of the “Exportpreis Bayern 2018” in the category “Industry”.

At the award ceremony on November 21st, 2018 in Munich, after a speech and a short film about the company, the three company founders and managing directors Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, Wolfgang Werner and Jürgen Zimmermann were awarded with a custom-made trophy. This was presented together with a certificate from Hubert Aiwanger (Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria).

The “Exportpreis Bayern” honors small businesses that, thanks to their exceptional entrepreneurial performance, have successfully distributed their “Made in Bavaria” products worldwide. Every year, the winners are selected by a top-class jury.

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Wolfgang Werner (CTO), Michael Knipp (Marketing & PR), Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise (CEO), Jürgen Zimmermann (CTO)
(from left to right)

Handover of the trophy to Weatherdock
Source: Studio Vohler/Bayern International

Group picture of all winners
Source: Studio Vohler/Bayern International

Company Video – Weatherdock AG

Award ceremony from November 21st, 2018

BR Rundschau Magazin from November 21st, 2018

BR Frankenschau Aktuell from November 22nd, 2018

Comon research project of DLR and Weatherdock

Within a new project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Aerospace Center DLR and the Nuremberg-based Weatherdock AG will pool their competences.

The goal of this research project is the improvement of the nowadays existing AIS standard to create a reliable AIS position reporting of vessels in high traffic areas and/or bad transmitting conditions.

What is AIS?
AIS (Automatic Identification System) is a self-organizing maritime transponder/receiver radio system broadcasting relevant trip data (position, heading, vessel call sign, vessel name, etc.) of every vessel through two worldwide standarized VHF frequencies. This broadcast is received by other vessels. AIS main objective is to improve maritime safety with collision avoidance. Since 2006 AIS is mandatory for commercial vessels bigger than 50.000gt and has become part of the vessels’ equipment. For fishing vessels or other smaller vessels, AIS is not mandatory but not forbidden.

With the present technical condition, AIS will reach its limits in some parts. The suggested system is compatible with the existing AIS system and enables, in areas of very high traffic, a solid and secure detection of the needed information.

Next win at an important asian country for fishing fleet tracking

Weatherdock – Second win of German Quality in an Asian Country for fishing fleet tracking

The German Weatherdock AG is honored to be awarded the second time with a big order by an important Asian Government for supplying a fleet tracking and monitoring system.

By using the Weatherdock’s vmsTRACK system mounted on the fishing vessels, the local Department of Fishery is able to continuously track and observe all small and bigger non-coastal fishing vessels in their EEZ and beyond in offshore areas. With such a high level proofed system the Government does the next important step to work against illegal, unreported and unlicensed fishing (IUU).

Reliable, proofed and certified quality

The vmsTRACK system was tested hard and intensive by the Department of Fishery and finally convinced with best performance figures such as transmission range and reliability. The devices are transmitting continuously in a pre-set time interval to bring up a real-time-image of the area to headquarter.

„After awarding Weatherdock for the first batch of tracking units for the coastal fishing vessels we tested a lot, very hard, very intensive to make sure that these German position transmitter are full compliant to given standards to be the best solution for our country and our needs before awarding Weatherdock the second time with the next batch for the non-coastal fishing vessels” the customer said.

Safety of Fishermen included

Every vmsTRACK unit mounted on a vessel has got an additional “push to alert” button that triggers a standardized AIS SART emergency message which can be received by every vessel or coastal station in the vicinity to help immediately with the rescue.

“For us it is very important that the customer is totally convinced about the product and he has a good feeling with his decision. Delivering reliable technologies on the highest possible level which follow the existing rules and fit the given specification is the goal we want to achieve.” says Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise, CEO and Speaker of the Board of Weatherdock.

Weatherdock in Nuremberg´s press

Nuremberg  9.06.2015

The Nuremberg’s press hat published an article on 9 June about Weatherdock. The journalist Klaus Wonneberger reports on the current events of our company: “Whether professional sailors or camels: The Nuremberg Weatherdock produces VHF positioning systems with growing success”. The text can be found on page 32 in the journal “Nürnberger Nachrichten” and page 26 in the “Nürnberger Zeitung”.

You can read the whole article online following the link bellow.  Source of the text is

Text in German >>

PRESS RELEASE „easyONE – AIS MOB Emergency Transmitter“

Full automatic AIS MOB unit “Made in Germany”

We have the pleasure to present Weatherdock’s latest AIS rescue device: The easyONE AIS MOB Emergency Transmitter. The easyONE is the first fully-automatic AIS Emergency Transmitter of its kind worldwide.

Its patented release mechanism will take your boat’s crew to a new level of safety. A group of experts developed this brilliant release mechanism that automatically puts in place an antenna (in storage rolled up in spiral shape) once the easyONE gets into constant contact with water. At the same time it triggers an alarm and sends a MOB emergency message (Man over Board). This emergency message, which, of course, can also be activated manually, will be received by all AIS receivers within reach (up to 7 nautical miles – depending on weather conditions and the height of the receiving antenna). All kinds of displays on receiving vessels, such as chart plotters, will consequently display this alert and make an immediate rescue action a lot more probable. Weighing 120 grams the easyONE AIS emergency transmitter is equipped with two lithium battery cells making possible 36 hours of constant operation at 0°C outside temperature. When properly stored the batteries have a life span of 7 years.

The easyONE comes with an integrated 56-channel GPS receiver that is ready to operate within around 35 seconds (counting from power-on to connection to satellites). Furthermore a bright flashing High-Power-LED light will make sure persons are also found at night and with low visibility.

Due to its low weight and compact dimensions (168 x 48 x 27mm) Weatherdock’s easyONE can be easily attached to all automatic life vests. Furthermore the device is fully waterproof (up to 10m depth) and floating and can thus be used as a MOB life buoy in combination with a lifesaver. For the next maintenance of your life raft you might also want to think about having the easyONE integrated into the raft. No matter which application, the easyONE has to be attached to your equipment (lifejacket, lifesaver or clothing) with the provided hand line. This is the only way to ensure the person-over-board is staying close to the easyONE, which is crucial to lead rescue services to the location. When transmitting the easyONE sends the AIS standard messages No 1 and 14. The first message contains the AIS position report, the device identification number as well as course and speed over ground. Message 14 which is, like message 1, constantly updated and sent in certain intervals contains a safety message, the device identification number as well as the text messages “MOB active” or “MOB test”. The text messages inform about the state of the AIS emergency device and whether it is in test-mode or not. The test-mode can be activated at the push of a button and shows the correct functioning of the AIS device with the MOB test symbol.

The AIS Emergency Transmitter easyONE is instantly ready for operation. You do not need to register the device or subscribe to a service.

DAME award nomination 2010

Of the products entered in the 2010 Design Awards METS (DAME), the Jury has selected 63 nominees from 13 countries to complete in eight categories. We are delighted to note that our AIS S.A.R.T. easyRESCUE was nominated to the Lifesaving & electronical safety category. Overall and category award winners will be announced at METS.

Wish us luck!

BMW Sailing Cup 2013

A unique sailing experience: the BMW Sailing Cup

The BMW Sailing Cup is the largest international regatta series for amateurs and racing and recreational sailing enthusiasts. Nine qualifying races will be held in all of Germany in 2013. The winning teams will qualify for the BMW Sailing Cup finals in Germany in October. The crew which prevails here is invited to the World Finals to be held in the following season.

All boats racing and competition marks are equipped with a small portable FM transmitter easyPOSALERT. Using GPS location reports together with course and speed, the data is sent via VHF radio to a receiver on land, which processes the signals and forwards them to the corresponding WinGPS software. This sailing regatta software allows a visually appealing display using a wide-screen display or video wall.

Homepage BWL Sailing Cup


Weahterdock is technical partner at RED BULL Storm Chase

In Summer 2012 the RED BULL Storm Chase is coming up again after 2006. This extreme sport event will bring the ultimate fight: men vs. nature

Quoting windsurfing legend Robby Nash:”Windsurfing in storm surf separates men from the boys.”

RED BULL Storm Chase is a typical RED BULL event. Extreme. Dangerous. Unpredictable. The extreme is part of the show. From 1st August until 30th November the RED BULL Storm Chase is on when the wind is expected to exceed 10 Beaufort (100kmh), everywhere in the world on three different spots. There are just 48 hours for the surfers to get there before the storm strikes.

With these pictures you can make your own opinion what is coming up for the surfers:

Weatherdock is technical partner at the RED BULL Storm Chase in category “safety”

The bavarian company Weatherdock AG, located in Nuremberg, is supporting the RED BULL Storm Chase with an outstanding tracking system.

Every competitor and every crew member out in the water will be equipped with the small, portable GPS transmitter easyPOSALERT. This device has got a built in GPS receiver to get the exact position. This will be transmitted with additional information like speed and course over ground the the base station on the beach. By means of this a persistent real-time tracking solution of each contestant is guaranteed.

We keep you informed about the RED BULL Storm Chase and give you more details later on. For more information about the Storm Chase please visit:

Boris Herrmann Racing

Boris Herrmann and Giovanni Soldini, two ocean heroes from Germany and Italy. Skipper Soldini and Herrmann as a navigator with a ten-member international crew. They  tuned specifically for this purpose the 70-foot yacht”Maserati” for that world record challenge.

In six and a half days, the team wants to make it from New York to England and set a new record for this prestigious, up almost 3,000 nautical miles (5,400 km) long route in April 2012

In six and a half days, the team wants to make it from New York to England and set a new record for this prestigious, up almost 3,000 nautical miles (5,400 km) long route in April 2012

On board: the “easyRESCUE” Nato version.

This version has got a double automatic activation. It activates automatically by water contact, but also with a magnetic trigger.

Normally the easyRESCUE is assembled into the lifevest and it starts automatically, after the lifevest blows up.

Boris and his team do rely on the easyRESCUE. You should do the same.

With the following link you’ll find an article on writen by Boris Herrmann himself. You can read his very personal opinion about the AIS S.A.R.T. transmitter.

SEGELN Award 2012 – Safety

The AIS Search and Rescue Transponder easyRESCUE by Weatherdock has been honored with the SEGELN Award 2012 in the category “SAFETY” on 22nd January 2012 in Düsseldorf.

The SEGELN Award is the most important award for yacht equipment and we are proud and delighted in equal measure to have received this honor. It is an acknowledgement of the product and of the hard developmental work behind it.

We thank the Jahr Top Special Verlag for adding the easyRESCUE to the list of the participating products in this category.

Before anything else we owe thanks to the readers of the SEGELN magazine, without whose participation in the voting this success would have never been possible. This shows clearly how deeply satisfied the customers are with this excellent safety device aboard.

The SEGELN Award 2012 is an obligation we will gladly meet in the future.

The success encourages us to keep on developing innovative product solutions to ensure the safety of our customers on board. We will maintain the confidence placed in us with the established product quality. We will not rest on our laurels. Promise!

Last but not least we thank the whole team for their hard work and dedication, who have brought the easyRESCUE where it is today:

Very much in favor with our customers!

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