Can I connect my easyAIS-TRX2 to Lowrance HSD 5 or HSD 7 Units?

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The plotters Lowrance HDS 5 and HDS 7 feature a differential type input for connecting external NMEA devices and therefore they require a bipolar signal at these points. Most commercially available AIS devices, transceivers and receivers are equipped with standard unipolar outputs. Our devices are built according to this standard.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to connect a capacitor  in-line with the NMEA positive signal between the NMEA output of the AIS device and the NMEA input of the chart plotter. Thus a 100% function is ensured.

Please use the inputs and outputs at 38400 baud, to avoid traffic congestion and potential loss of data at high AIS traffic volumes.

Please, note the following requirements for the capacitor:

  • Value: 100nF
  • Ceramic or plastic, does not matter
  • Voltage:> 16V DC

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