Can I use my easySPLIT also in conjunction with the easyTRX?

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You need to use the easySPLIT OCB (OCB=operates class B) because of the following reason:If you use the easySPLIT there are connected the following devices: FM radio, VHF radio and AIS receiver. Only one of these units can physically also transmit, which is in this case the VHF radio. In the moment when the VHF radio is transmitting, the other connected devices must be disconnected very fast, so that the transmission power from the VHF is only going into the antenna and not into the also connected devices.Lets have a look now to a typical installation of the easyTRX. With the easySPLIT OCB there are following devices connected to the easySPLIT OCB: The FM Radio, the VHF radio and the easyTRX, which is a class B transceiver. There are two devices connected which can transmit. This means also, that the two connection paths of the VHF radio and the easyTRX must be monitored simultaneously. If one of the “transmitter” is transmitting, the other devices must be disconnected for this time period. This is the difference. With a standard AIS receiver it is sufficient to monitor one connected “transmitter” power entry pathes, with a class B transceiver, like the easyTRX two connected “transmitter” power entry pathes.

The answer is: Only one time, then it is broken. NO, you need to “upgrade” to another hardware, the easySPLIT OCB.

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