How to connect the WiFi of my easyTRX2S/AIS to PC?

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To get AIS/GPS data by WiFi on your PC some navigation softwares need a COM port.
Now you have to send data from TCP/IP (from WiFi-Board) to your PC.
This is done by a VSPE-Tool (Virtual Seriell Port Emulator).
We use it from

We recomment to download the file from our page here(WiFi-COM-Tool)
as we already gave the right settings there for you:

Please unpack this zip file and start the setup procedure.

After this you should see an icon on your desktop, please start this.

After a few seconds a green symbol is seen below right of your desktop.
You an click on this to set more settings.

If the window is empty you can load the right settings which are also contained on this ZIP file.
This is called config-V1.vspe or config-v2.vspe.
V1 is only used in old WiFi modules. So please try v2 first.

When you need further assistance you can send us an email to

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