I would like to plug in the easyAIS 1 (Nasa-AIS by AWNiemeyer) with my notebook. You delivered a NMEA-cable. May I connect the easyAIS via the serial port and an USB-adapter directly on the notebook?

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FAQ: easyAIS 2nd. Gen. >>>The easyAIS can be connected with a pc (this is also in the manual on page 12).

Connection of the easyAIS to the pc: Please connect the white-orange cable with the pin 2 of the SUB D 9-pole connector (female) and the orange cable with the PIN 5 of the SUB D 9-pole connector. It is very urgent, that you take the right PINS. They are hardly readable at the plug, but they are signed. After that, please install the USB serial adapter on the pc. Then you can connect the SUB D 9 connector with the adapter.

Please note the interface must be configured correctly: 38400 Baud, 8/N/1.

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