Other ships do not see my static data (name of the ship, type, dimensions, etc.). What is wrong with my easyTRX?

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The easyTRX sends, like all other CLASS B units – position data and static data. It is mandatory when and how often these data has to be transmitted. In that point, there is no difference in Class B units.Position data (Msg.-type 18) are sent every 30 sec if you are faster that 2 kn, else it is sent every 3 min. The static data (Msg.-type 24) are sent every 6 min. It is always exactly 6 min; more often is forbidden. After switching on, it could last up to 6 min until the static data are visible to other ships.

Please make sure you entered your statistic data with the Link2AIS software. If you did not do so, the Msg.24 is “empty”. (You only have to program the easyTRX once; then the data remains in the unit).

Another reason for not being seen could be your antenna. All AIS Class B have a transmission power of 2 W. It could be that your antenna cable is too long with a too bad quality or your antenna is mounted to deep. The higher the antenna is mounted, the bigger is their range.

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