Why is my VHF radio reception disturbed?

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This might be due to the VHF antenna you are using. However, there is a solution for it. Please, connect the antenna cable of the car radio „without ground“ to the easySPLIT, i.e. only the inner conductor/pin is to be used. Do not connect the outer conductor/cable which is connected to the ground of the chinch plug or to the ground of the car radio!The physical effect put in a nutshell: An antenna is always a dipole. Normally the inner conductor of a coaxial cable is connected to the upper dipole and the outer conductor is connected the lower dipole of the antenna. However, the customary antennas for pleasure crafts do not have a lower dipole. This lower dipole is simulated by an adapted network (i.e. simply a high-frequency transformer). The adapted network is adjusted to a frequency range of approx. 150 Mhz to 163 Mhz. Thus, the outer conductor of the antenna cable has the important function to adjust the antenna to the frequency range of 150-162 Mhz.

So, if you do not use the outer conductor, colloquially called “ground”, for the car radio plug, you simply have a „cable antenna“ for the car radio which should work fine for the VHF radio frequency range.

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