Why is the light not lit? High voltage drop?

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Please, turn it on.Furthermore, a too high voltage drop due to a small cable diameter might be the reason. This voltage drop (Ua) can be calculated as follows:Ua = (lxpxI)/A

l = length of the wire (e.g. 10 m)

p = specific resistance (spoken: rho; copper = 0.0178 ohm x mm²/m)

I = current (e.g. 1A (ampere))

A= cross-section of the cable (e.g. 0.14 mm²)

Example calculation:

If you used a fairly thin cable (0.14 mm² cross-section) for the extension, the total cable length amounts to 10 m, the voltage drop would be about 1.3V. Due to this drop it may be possible that the internal voltage regulator will no longer be supplied with sufficient voltage and thus does not work properly. Another cause might be a simple short circuit (direct connection from + to -).

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