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AIS Receiver Terminal


AIS Receiver Terminal (A206)


Product information

Full AIS coastal station designed in a standard industrial 19“ housing – „ready to rack“

The new Weatherdock AIS Receiver Terminal contains a full functionable AIS receiving unit which enables to be used as coastal station for regular AIS traffic control as well as special object tracking and monitoring in local areas.

By means of the 2 channel receiver unit inside, the AIS Receiver Terminal is ready to be used as coastal station for all kind of monitoring and tracking requests.
LAN as well as USB connectivity allow to forward incoming AIS data in local or server-based networks all over the world.
With the standardized 19“ rack housing the AIS Receiver Terminal will fit into commercial behaviour and authority control center work.
With connection to external GPS antenna own position will be defined precizely.
The AIS Receiver Terminal will be a very cost effective solution for new coastal station projects.



  • Full functionable AIS receiving unit
  • Standardized 19“ rack housing fit into commercial behaviour and authority control center work
  • Very cost effective solution

What is needed?

What is needed to run the AIS Receiver Terminal?
To use the AIS Receiver Terminal in the best way, you only need to connect the unit to external GPS antenna and to VHF antenna used for AIS traffic.
To forward the incoming AIS data connection to server network via LAN is easy to establish.

Technical Data

  • 2 Channel AIS Receiver
  • Standardized 19“ rack
  • LAN connectivity possible
  • USB connectivity possible
  • external GPS antenna connection via plug
  • 8 LED functionality display

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