A40000 easyAIS3

2 Channel AIS Receiver

The small sized AIS receiver is the perfect travel companion for charter sailing. It allows you a high mobility while offering reliable, high quality.

AIS Receivers

AIS receivers are an essential part of today’s navigation. As a sports boat operator, with this technology you will be able to display the respective driving data of professional vessels, such as current position, course and speed over ground and therefore you can navigate accordingly.

Commercial shipping, with its multitude of container ships and cargo ships, represent an essential factor that must be planned and taken into account in safe navigation.

A21100 raspAIS

AIS Receiver | Multimedia-Center

AIS reception within the smallest space – this advantage brings up the new raspAIS from Weatherdock.

Equipped with a latest generation 2-channel-receiver, the unit picks up AIS Class A and AIS Class B signals out of your vicinity and will forward these data to a connected mobile device for displaying on a chart.

But the new raspAIS is even more than an AIS receiver. It can also be used as a multimedia center for videos and music. 4 USB slots keep enough space for USB storage additional connected to mouse and keyboard.

AIS Devices

AIS receivers receive the transmitted AIS signals of professional shipping (Class A) and recreational boat navigation (Class B) via a VHF antenna and convert these into a NMEA protocol. These data can then be further processed by a chartplotter or even by a PC software and displayed on the corresponding screens.

Class B AIS transmitters / receivers simultaneously send their own ship data to all AIS devices in the area.


What is AIS?

Data is automatically exchanged between AIS devices at short intervals with special VHF transmitters and receivers. The VHF broadcast unit broadcasts the data telegrams at one of two internationally specified AIS radio frequencies. One of the peculiarities of AIS technology over other services is the ability to automatically organize the interaction of multiple AIS devices on one radio frequency without interfering with each other.


AIS Standards

“Class A” transceivers work according to the so-called SOTDMA procedure.

“Class A” transceivers must be used in the commercial shipping.

“Class B” transceivers are not required and are mostly used in recreational boating.


AIS Receiver

The easytRX2S is an AIS receiver that provides you with the convenience and additional features you need in your daily navigation in a way that you will not find in other devices on the market.

The abbreviation “IS” stands for “integrated splitter”.

If you already have a VHF marine radio antenna installed aboard your ship, you may also use it for your AIS receiver. The internal antenna splitter ensures the separation of the VHF radio signal and the AIS signal. The incoming signals are amplified prior to separation so that not loss in terms of quality must be accepted. Thus, the troublesome mounting of a separate VHF antenna for the AIS unit is not necessary.

A135 easyINFOBOX mobile

Box with AIS Receiver and WiFi module

The INFOBOX mobile represents a complete AIS reception stand-alone system. Via WiFi connection, the received data is transmitted to a mobile terminal for display. These can be tablets, smartphones or laptops.

What about ‘WiFi’?

The term “WiFi” is a synonym for “wireless connection”

The integrated WiFi module makes it possible that all data is transmitted via radio, which is usually transmitted via cable to a chart plotter or via USB connection to a PC or laptop.

Recipients of this data may only be mobile terminal devices such as iPads, tablets or smartphones. These devices are “logged on” to the AIS device with a “point-to-point connection”.

Only one mobile terminal device at a time can be connected to the AIS unit in such way.

Internet access is not possible with this WiFi module as the AIS unit is not designed for that!

A053 easyINFOBOX

AIS Receiver

Box with complete AIS system: receiver and chartplotter

Commercial shipping and coastal stations

Especially for commercial vessels and coastal stations, Weatherdock has an AIS receiver unit in a standard 19″-housing – perfect for a professional ambience.

A206 AIS Receiver Terminal

Full AIS coastal station designed in a standard industrial 19“ housing – „ready to rack“

The new Weatherdock AIS Receiver Terminal contains a full functionable AIS receiving unit which enables to be used as coastal station for regular AIS traffic control as well as special object tracking and monitoring in local areas.

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