Our easyRESCUE Rescue Transmitters have a basic approval and do not have to be registered anymore!


AIS-SART – position live on chartplotter/PC
easyRescue transmits the position of a liferaft / lifeboat in distress directly to all AIS receivers within range.

The Easy Rescue is an AIS-SART. With a built in GPS it transmits an emergency AIS-SART sentence which triggers an alarm on all AIS enabled chart plotters / PC’s within range, along with the Lat/Long of the liferaft / lifeboat. The GPS is a new generation fast acquiring type and the VHF AIS transmitter repeats the message and position several times per minute. This enables all vessels within range to assist with the rescue if they have an AIS receiver or transponder.

What else do I need?
Apart for an AIS receiver or transceiver connected to a chart plotter / PC, nothing. The Easy Rescue is used on liferaft / lifeboat. To operate just slide the safety cover off (releasing the coiled antenna) and press ON. A test button allows regular test of GPS function, battery state etc.

  • BSH approval: BSH / 4615 / 4361565 / 10 (for easyRESCUE)
  • Transmission power 2 W
  • Integrated, fastest in marketplace available GPS receiver
  • Waterproof 30 foot depth, (IP 68)
  • Floatable
  • Ambient working conditions: -20°C to 65°C
  • Length 128 mm, width of 76 mm, height 32 mm
  • Weight: app. 350 g
  • Battery lifespan 5 years (if not used except for self-test).
  • Service interval – after use or after 5 years, whichever comes first.
  • AIS S.A.R.Transmitter
  • 96 h transmission time after activation
  • Simple self test for function check
  • Long battery standby life time = long service intervals
  • Very compact size for emergency beacon
  • Unique ident number of the unit
  • Made in Germany by market leader
  • Transmission range up to 10 nm (Dependent on wave and antenna height)
  • Article number A040
  • The parent ship knows where the liferaft / lifeboat is
  • Other vessels can assist with the search
  • No central Coastguard or call center required to redistribute the information
  • No annual charge or subscription
  • No waiting for satellites
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