Search and Rescue Organizations recommend:

Every owner of an easyRESCUE/easyONE should register their device and enter personal, rescue relevant data in the RESCUE Database. Even few details are better in case of doubt than no information. Please support us as Search and Rescue Organization to help you in an emergency in the best possible way.

Congratulations on your purchase of an easyRESCUE/easyONE Rescue Transmitter from Weatherdock. You have already taken a big step forward for your safety at sea. As an addition, Weatherdock AG offers the free registration of Rescue Transmitter in the RESCUE Database.

The RESCUE Database serves your safety at sea!


On a voluntary basis, you can provide personal information about yourself, your desired emergency contact and about your ship in the RESCUE Database. Those who are important to you as a user of an easyRESCUE/easyONE. With your information, you create an information platform that enables Search and Rescue Organisations to take the right steps in the event of an emergency.
Particularly important information for first-aiders are drug intolerance, allergies or diseases such as diabetes.

Beside you, only official rescue services such as the “UK Coast Guard” have access to the RESCUE Database. A query of your Unit-ID only takes place in an emergency, after activation of your easyRESCUE/easyONE. Your information helps emergency services take the right steps in first aid.

It's that easy:

  1. Login with the Unit-ID and the password of easyRESCUE/easyONE.
    (You will find this information on the label on the back of the device.)
  2. Click on the -icon to enter or edit your details and save them.
  3. Check your details again by clicking on the -icon.
    (This is the view of the rescue organizations.)
  4. From now, registered Search and Rescue Organisations will have access to the information you provide in an emergency to improve the recovery process.
    (Access to your data is only possible via the received Unit-ID and only after activation of your rescue transmitter.)
  5. You can edit or delete your information at any time.

Register your device now!


We, the Weatherdock AG, Emmericher Strasse 17, 90411 Nuremberg, take the protection of your personal data very seriously and adhere strictly to the rules of data protection laws. In no case will the data collected be sold or forwarded to third parties for non-life-saving reasons.


> to the privacy policy of Weatherdock AG according to GDPR

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