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Object Tracking

Marine Domain Awareness

    vmsTRACK is an intelligent tracking system that fulfills all requirements for naval border security. Tracking and identifying objects are big needs for authorities and to know “friend or foe” minimizes terror risks.  

Object Tracking

  Object tracking by vmsTRACK is the perfect “made in Germany” solution for intelligent, multi-featured real-time tracking via VHF frequencies. Effective cost and customized features for your project requirements.  

Local Area Tracking

  vmsTRACK is an intelligent tracking system that fulfills all requirements for naval border security. Tracking and identifying objects are big needs for authorities and to know “friend or foe” minimizes terror risks.  

Fleet Monitoring

  Ferry boats or pilot vessels in a harbour area are monitored easily by headquarter.  


    Class B vessel tracking solution to ensure complete vessel visibility around the world. Made by Weatherdock – available through ORBCOMM    

Long Range Tracking on Demand

    Transmission on Demand it´s possible with the vmsTRACK units combined with a special customized base station receiving unit.  

Marine Domain Awareness

Tracking and Identifying will become the most important goal for national authorities in case of Marine Domain Awareness and Coastal Surveillance. From coastal differentiation between “Friend or Foe” to the monitoring of suspicious behaviour around cargo ships in front your coastal territory.

Satellite AIS

Hali is a Class B vessel tracking solution that ensures complete vessel visibility. Hali combines terrestrial and satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS) data capability with two-way satellite M2M technology to deliver reliable vessel location data to maritime authorities, providing the actionable intelligence required to maximize maritime safety, security and compliance.

Local Area Tracking

By means of customized VHF frequencies, the onshore mission control center is able to create a “closed user group” of special vessels. In a pre-set time-interval sent position reports can be displayed by mission headquarter in real-time. In case of distress situation the vmsTRACK unit has got an “one-push-emergency-button” to trigger a regular AIS MOB distress message on every AIS receiver within range. Mission control as well as commercial vessel in the vicinity are able to assist with a fast rescue mission.

Long Range Tracking
on Demand

Monitoring of deep offshore territories when vessels are out of the regular range of the shore base station is getting more and more important for vessel management systems. But how to know where the vessels had been when the got “out of sight” before the vessel is back in the harbour? The answer is tracking on demand with the patent solution “Request Message”.

Object Tracking

Object tracking by vmsTRACK will be the perfect “made in Germany” solution for intelligent, multi-featured real-time-tracking via VHF frequencies. Cost efficient and customized for your project requirements.

Fleet Monitoring &

Ferry boats or pilot vessels in a harbour area could be monitored easily by headquarter.

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society trusts in Weatherdock

The VHF based personal locator beacon vmsTRACK is used on JetSki-Rescue-Missions

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society is unsing the personal locator unit vmsTRACK to monitor own crew member. These guys risk one’s life under heavy weather conditions when they are out on a rescue mission with a JetSki to safe lives at sea.

At timecode 0:05 you can see the locator beacon placed on the upper back of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society crew member.

We are pleased and proud to help and to support.

A20003 mssTRACK

A20003 mssTRACK

426027674046 Most reliable and best performing Fleet Tracking and Monitoring Transceiver system based on AIS Class B SOTDMA and SAT-COM. It provides internal GPS, so that no external antenna needs to be connected. It has got 4 slots for...

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iridium IONEER

iridium IONEER

The new IONEER locating beacon enables unlimited traceability available 24/7 with a bi-directional SAT communication module inside.

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A167 easyAIRDROP Rechargeable

A167 easyAIRDROP Rechargeable easyAIRDROP Rechargeable - VHF rescue locator unit A167 The easyAIRDROP Rechargeable contains the VHF locator unit easyPOSALERT to support rescue teams, such as SAR airplanes or SAR helicopters.Packed in a waterprotected...

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The new HALI transponder, a collaboration of maritime industrial leaders ORBCOMM, POLESTAR and WEATHERDOCK, enables a complete situational picture of global vessel activity.

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ALARIS100 is a palm-sized portable locator beacon designed for law enforcement and mobile squads. The unit is based on VHF technologies and gives LIVE-GPS-Position-Report of every team-member on customized and encrypted frequencies.

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A122 Tamperproof & Powersocket

A122 Tamperproof & Powersocket

4260276741229 The A122 Tamperproof & Powersocket is a tamper-proof charging station for the vmsTRACK-PRO. The charging station can be easily connected to the electrical system or another external power source. The cable ends only need to be connected accordingly....

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A138 vmsTRACK

A138 vmsTRACK

This product is replaced by A193 vmsTRACK-PRO-CS

Real-Time-Tracking via VHF Radio.
Vessel & object monitoring

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Safety at Sea rules

There are some important rules for the safety of fishermen at sea that should be considered to avoid accidents. If an emergency nevertheless occurs the vmsTRACK-PRO-CS with the alert function will help to finde and rescue someone.

Marine Domain Awareness & Coastal Surveillance

Maritime Assets are soft Targets Terrorists & pirates are more and more targeting locations or facilities considered too ‘soft’. As was evident in such attacks as the USS Cole, M/ V. Limburg & the tragic attacks of 26/11 in Mumbai. It is clear that “soft” targets have included attacks on Merchant & Naval ships, Coastal Tourist hotspots & hotels, Bridges, commercial shipping, oil & Transport critical infrastructure. Perils of pirate attacks is increasing by the day. All these attacks have been carried out using small crafts & fishing vessels. Since these attacks, the importance of small craft/fishing vessel tracking has taken great importance & have highlighted the need for security on coastal borders. Terrorism today, is a worldwide Issue.

Who is front of your coast?

Security is a key word today and being ”on-line” with all borders and water front is essential for the new world order. The tracking of small crafts have for several years already, been an aim of authorities worldwide. No cost eeffective fool proof solution has been found yet. A vessel or craft close to the coast is the immediate threat. Various technologies have been tried and apart from satellite tracking no other technology has succeeded. But then Satellite tracking is very expensive & position updates are inadequate for security. So is GSM which apart from being pricey is susceptible to network congestion and breakdowns. Inadequate reporting rates make tracking useless for security.

Why Class B is Not the Solution?

The most obvious step in tightening security is to have knowledge of the movements of all vessels along the coastline. Thus incorporating any tracking projects into the security agenda is important. For the IMO class vessels this is achieved with a Class A AIS. What about small boats, yachts, harbor crafts, towed barges, jet ski….. in general small crafts? Class B with CSTDMA is not suitable for various reasons. Most important being that high quality of class B targets will overload existing coast AIS networks. It should be kept in mind that all ships in vicinity would also see 1000’s of targets. With this magnitude of clutter it could become “hazard to navigation”. USCG cautions class B users are not seen by all.

vmsTRACK or vmsTRACK-PRO for MDA

vmsTRACK from Weatherdock  is the world’s 1st purpose built tracking solution for fishing vessels & other small crafts with or without power. This is a result of over 15man-years that have been spent on listening to fishermen needs as well as homeland security requirements. The end result is a product that is robust, designed by experienced engineers and made in Germany. vmsTRACK helps bring small boats, leisure crafts & fishing vessels into a national Maritime Domain Awareness network.

vmsTRACK is an award winning TDMA based VHF radio unit that can work on programmable marine band frequency. Due to the nature of TDMA technology it allows several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the signal into different timeslots. vmsTRACK has a unique capability of transmitting a SOLAS “Panic” alert as AIS MSG 14 which can also be received by any one carrying a Class A or B receiver or transponder.


vmsTRACK and vmsTRACk-PRO are

  • Suitable for leisure boats, ski jets, harbor crafts etc
  • A Coastal security & MDA application device
  • Ideal for coastal fishing fleet tracking & Management
  • A “Friend or Foe” (Pirate) identifying device”
  • Useful to monitor movement of vehicles in a port
  • An aid to Pilots and boarding parties
  • A Radar less traffic monitoring system for small ports
  • MDA software available for vmsTRACK

Key Features of vmsTRACK

  • TDMA technology tested & Proved
  • Smallest self contained device in the world
  • Future proofed and tested for AIS satellite pickup
  • Unique ID programmable for each unit
  • Will work with existing AIS shore infrastructure
  • Embedded geo reference coast line table
  • Incremental tracking as it nears coast
  • Buitl-in Emergency Distress button uses AIS MSG14
  • Distress complies with SOLAS & received by all AIS
  • Intelligent high tech tamper proof solution
  • Water proof to 10m depth – IP 68
  • LED flash for night navigation alert
  • Integrated fast high sensitive GPS
  • Palm size and easy portability in emergency
  • Size 125mm x 68mm x 30mm, Weight 210 gms
  • External Antenna option available on request
  • Power Output approx 2 w – No Installation required
  • Built in rechargeable battery for up to 120 Hrs
  • Programmable to any Marine Frequency

Long Range Tracking on Demand

Monitoring of deep offshore territories when vessels are out of the regular range of the shore base station is getting more and more important for vessel management systems. But how to know where the vessels had been when the got “out of sight” before the vessel is back in the harbour? The answer is tracking on demand with the patent solution “Request Message”.

Radar-less traffic monitoring system

Within range of shore base station position report of the vessels is done regularly. If the vessel with the vmsTRACK unit aboard is out of this range, this will be recognized by the onshore administration network.


Satellite AIS

The Hali solution includes powerful, tamper-proof AIS Class B hardware that is attached to small vessels, such as pleasure craft and small fishing vessels, to track their location at all times, in any location. The tri-mode device transmits reliable AIS data to land-based receivers along coastlines to satellite AIS receivers and also through ORBCOMM’s proprietary two-way M2M data network of over 40 satellites, ensuring small vessels are always tracked and accounted for anywhere in the world. The Hali device also includes SOS functionality and can send a distress message instantly, providing accurate positional data to facilitate search and rescue operations.


The cost-effective and reliable solution enables flag administrations, such as the Coast Guard, to improve search and rescue operations, enhance maritime domain awareness and increase surveillance of marine protected areas. For fisheries, Hali enables regulatory compliance through AIS reporting requirements for fishing quotas as well as geofencing within exclusion zones and mitigates risk and loss through increased safety and SOS alert capabilities.



Local Area Tracking, Object Tracking & Fleet Monitoring


The Weatherdock system allows persistent real-time locating and monitoring of vessels and moving objects in a special area via VHF technologies. By using customized frequencies, you can create “closed user groups” and display the position reports of the group members on the screen.

Initiatives to save our planet and create a sustainable future have had important implications for the marine transport and waterway sector, including the creation of restricted or limited entry zones. These special areas can be programmed into the unit. This is called “Geo-Fence-Functionality”.

The real-time-knowledge of “who and where?” is very important in administration of coastal fishing fleets, as well as in coastal boarder security issues. By transmission of special names and unit IDs, “friend or foe” identifying is possible.

Video: vmsTRACK in action. The SABC, South African Broadcasting Corporation, one of the biggest Television companies in South Africa shows here the application of the vmsTRACK in real use by local fisherman.

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